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Summer Movement 


July 7 - 27 2024

Garth Fagan Invites all levels of dancers, ages 12 - Adult, to take part in the 2024 Summer Movement Institute!

To apply, please contact

The Summer Movement Institute includes 4 classes of instruction per day,

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST, Monday - Friday for 3 weeks. 

Tuition $1,200

Participants will experience many classes that will teach elements that can make a quality mover including:

1. Dance Technique classes including Fagan Technique

2. Composition

3. Repertory

4. Specialty classes including African, Dunham, Talawa Techniqueᵀᴹ, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, and Music Appreciation.

5. Cultural Field Trips

6. Final Performance (July 27, 2024)

Classes SMI

Description of Classes & Activities


arrival activities

Participants will arrive and begin at 9:00 a.m. The program will begin promptly. This will be a time for participants to sign in and attendance to be marked.

Pre-Class warm-up.

technique class

Participants will practice basic Garth Fagan Dance floor and standing technique that provides the building blocks for Fagan technique. This class will prepare participants for their afternoon dance class in rep and composition. They will learn awareness, control, and musicality while practicing basic Garth Fagan Dance technique and movements.

For intermediate level classes, 3+ years experience required.


Participants will learn basic tools used in creating choreography. Participants will incorporate the skills learned and practiced in technique classes. Students will apply their notes from the morning class and viewings of GFD videos.

For intermediate level classes, 3+ years experience required.


Participants will learn movement from dances in Garth Fagan Dance Repertoire. For intermediate level classes, 3+ years experience required.

music appreciation / interpretation

Study of the classics in various genres with emphasis on jazz.


Dance Criticism with video

Students will watch and critique Fagan Pieces

Nutrition for dancers

A class for maintaining a healthy diet while keeping body fat percentage low.

African Dance Class

A class exploring dance and rhythms from West Africa.

Caribbean Dance

Master classes in Afro-Caribbean dance.

Field Trips SMI

Cultural Field Trips

SMI 2022 (11).HEIC

Participants will experience firsthand the relationships amongst the arts to dance. Proposed field trips include the following:

Albert Paley Outdoor event

Students will walk over as a group.

The Little Theater

Students will walk over as a group to watch film

Memorial Art Gallery

Students will improvise a performance, taking inspiration from the sculpture garden at the museum. All friends and family are welcome to watch. Students will walk over as a group.


Natalie Rogers-Cropper
Interim Executive Director  | Director of Summer Movement Institute
Norwood Pennewell
Rehearsal Director |  Artistic Assistant to Garth Fagan
Gabrielle Samuel
Principal Dancer | Student Ensemble Co -Director | GFDS Intern 
Sabrina Cmelak
Principal Dancer 
John Crim
Daria Clarke
Destiny Felder
Ethan Beckwith-Cohen
Dancer | Student Ensemble Co-Director
Amya brice
School Administrator
minzhi wang
Kiara Jolié Haywood

To apply, please contact

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